Although it was quite tourist-friendly (in a not-so-great, over-the-top-theatrical way), with equally tourist-friendly high prices, the food at Robataya was in retrospect quite tasty.DSC_0598

Set up with two or three grill operators sitting in the middle of a large single room surrounded by diners, the restaurant showcased a market’s worth of fresh ingredients, which you ordered from a menu or could otherwise grunt and point to.DSC_0599 DSC_0600We started off with a few light items, a few pieces of tuna tataki, a vinegary mozuku (seaweed) cold soup, and a salad of lettuce, cucumbers, and seaweed in a sesame oil dressing:House of Haos Robataya Tokyo Japan Tuna TatakiHouse of Haos Robataya Tokyo Japan Seaweed Mozuku SoupHouse of Haos Robataya Tokyo Japan Seaweed SaladNext, we had a grilled skewer of deliciously fatty beef, and a fried whole snapper:House of Haos Robataya Tokyo Japan Kobe Beef SkewerDSC_0608Our last dishes were a sashimi plate, which was my favorite item of the night (everything so remarkably fresh, especially the sweet shrimp), and a soft landing of chazuke, a soup bowl of rice & seaweed strips, with a choice of topping (I had the salmon roe, although the one pictured below was Lucas’ bowl of salmon), in tea (or dashi).DSC_0610 House of Haos Robataya Tokyo Japan Salmon ChazukeNot the best value-for-money, but each dish we ordered did not disappoint, and some were impressively delicious.

4丁目-4-3 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan