Last month, after Pizzeria Mozza, we went to pig out at Son of a Gun, another perennial LA favorite.

ora king salmon crudo, jerk spice, kiwi, palm sugar vinaigrette, habanero


crispy brussel sprouts with slow-poached egg and radish (first time trying this dish, which I really liked.  brussel sprouts are great when both savory and crisped, and the gooey egg made for a great medium to bind loose sprout leaves and contrast with their slight crunch)IMG_0164

broadbent’s country ham, honey butter, hush puppy (my favorite dish of the night.  there’s just much right about a salty slice of melt-in-your-mouth country ham.  the honey butter just makes things better.)


roasted escolar, truffled pomme puree, chicken jus


pork cheek, burnt apple, cauliflower, espelette (sorry, the photo is uninformative)IMG_0167

BBQ peel-and-eat shrimp, warm potato salad (the shrimp seasoning is less cajun-y than it used to be, so peeling each shrimp by hand and mouth isn’t quite as much finger-licking fun as it used to be, but I really liked this funky new BBQ sauce in lieu of the former jar of mustard, reminiscent of a great shrimp cocktail)


AND THE MOTHERLOAD: fried chicken sandwich, spicy b&b pickle slaw, rooster aioli (not sure there’s much to be said, although I’m admittedly less keen on this sandwich than I used to be.  I still love the pickle slaw – by God, I do – but the chicken itself doesn’t hold well in hand, especially when sliced, and the breading tends to detach.  Still delicious though, no question.  I’m just nitpicking because I’ve had so many.  Can I use that excuse?  Pretty please?)

(I’ll miss you, SOAG.  Until next time.)

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