Okay, so it’s not really like any other place in the US, but Hawaii was my first step back on American soil in four months.  Myra had done some preliminary research and found Da Kitchen, a well-reviewed Asian fusion place close to the airport in Kahului.  I was still in this euphoric cloud of being in this sunny tropical paradise for the first time, surrounded by nice service folks, and just wanted to hug every person who smiled at me.

The portions were plentiful, and the abundance of waddling fatties around us was just part of this experience, a welcome sign of our return to our lovable homeland of creature comforts and pleasantly overweight families in Tommy Bahama couture.

Mainly out of curiosity I ordered the fried spam musubi (not pictured), which was fine for fried musubi but didn’t really showcase the spam, at least in the way I would’ve liked (i.e. more spam).  On the other hand, the crab & sweet corn chowder was delicious, and almost as tasty as the Maui Cattle Company kalbi ribs, which came with a fantastic potato macaroni salad.

There are a billion things on the menu that we didn’t try, including the notorious moco loco plates, but Da Kitchen was a tasty welcome back to the Asian fusion ways of America.

Da Kitchen
425 Koloa Street  Kahului, HI 96732