Gramercy Tavern, Rounds 2 and 3 – Burgers, Burgers for Everybody

The one thing that I didn’t get the first go-around in the tasting menu at Gramercy Tavern was the infamous burger, which is only available in the Tavern.

Gourmet burgers, the ultimate high-brow/low-brow question mark at so many restaurants in the city, have been having their moment for a while – and as much as I hate being a sucker for food media-driven trendspotting, when it comes to burgers, I’m still a sucker for a good one.  Let’s be honest, I’ll always be a sucker for a good burger.  And sometimes, even if you’re at a fine-ass restaurant, you want a burger.  This is one of those burgers that won’t make you regret ordering one.

off-menu-burger-gramercy-tavern-new-yorkI mean, for the love of God, just look at that.  A lot of housemade details: condiments, brioche-y bun, potato chips, pickled chilis, cured bacon.  These things, plus a lava flow of funky white cheddar.

Most importantly, you can really taste the beef, the grind and the juices.  The patty does not break into chunks.  The bun holds its weight against the grease drip and the heft of the meat.  I guess I’m not really surprised, but nevertheless it’s a damn delicious piece of culinary engineering.

Power lunch Wednesday, pt3: this medium-rare bad boy @gramercytavern #latergram #eeeeeats

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Some stupid-delicious blend of beef cuts (a base of chuck, plus brisket and short rib).  That’s a good mix, flavorful, still a little bloody, beefy/funky, fatty, done medium-rare.

House of Haos Gramercy Tavern Burger 2 New York

Gramercy Tavern (menu)
42 E 20th St, New York, NY
(212) 477-0777

Gramercy Tavern, Round 1 – Lunch Tasting Menu

It took me several years before I finally made it to Gramercy Tavern.  But I felt right at home as soon as I stepped inside with Francesca (whose sister works on the line at GT) and her friend, thanks to that gorgeous dining room.  (Seriously, that restaurant is beautiful.)  A lot of suits having power lunches, some Asian tourists, and the three of us scallywags sneaking away from work for this treat-yo’self-type situation.

I came ready to eat.  The tasting menu, which at $65 (excluding drinks and before tax/tip), is of pretty decent value.  On a broader note, a lot of fine-ass New York restaurants have really good lunch deals.  More on that in later posts.

Bread.  Butter.  Yay.

Houseofhaos Gramercy Tavern New York Lunch Bread Butter Houseofhaos Gramercy Tavern New York Cosmonot

Bread and butter to start, plus a zero-proof cocktail called the Cosmonot (pinot noir juice, grenadine, citrus).  Probably a better pairing with the meats that came later, but a strong punch of tartness to kickstart the meal.

Houseofhaos Gramercy Tavern New York Amuse Houseofhaos Gramercy Tavern New York Sweet CornHouseofhaos Gramercy Tavern New York Mussels Ikura

A spicy tuna tartar with heirloom tomatoes.  Sweet corn and corn mousse with cherry tomatoes.  A crudo with mussels, salmon roe, and cucumber broth.  Light and fresh to start, alternating notes of spice, sugar, and salt.

Houseofhaos Gramercy Tavern New York Arctic Char

Arctic char with corn, popcorn, and plum.  This was probably my favorite dish of the meal, if not for the whimsy then for the tender fish paired in a beautiful way with that sliver of plum.  This the second time I’ve been pleasantly surprised by fish and fruit (the other time: tuna and strawberry, courtesy of Arzak). Continue reading