Jitlada – Spicy Lunch at an Old Favorite

Oh, Jitlada, how I missed you and your sweat-inducing curries and Thai spices and just about everything.  Too bad Jas (the jovial Thai woman who owns the place and always puts a smile on my face) wasn’t working the lunch shift, but the food wasn’t lacking for it.  We ordered New Zealand green mussels, mango scallops, crying tiger pork, spicy mint beef noodles, and a spicy acacia omelette curry.  Most of these were old favorites.  Although I usually get clams instead of mussels, these New Zealand babies turned out to be quite tasty, plump and juicy without the weird taste and chewiness that I have historically associated with mussels.  And the broth, oh, the savory, aromatic broth.  The mango scallops were new, and the freshness and acidity in the mangoes were a nice balance for the fried scallops (and a tangy sauce to soak into the breading).

DSC_0078-001 DSC_0079-001 DSC_0080-001 DSC_0081-001 DSC_0082-001

Til next time, Jas.

Jitlada Thai on Urbanspoon

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