God bless the humble pig, and all the amazing things that come from it.  House of Haos Cochon New Orleans Menu (These are just fresh house rolls with soft, whipped butter – I don’t think there’s pork in these, but I wouldn’t be surprised, I guess).House of Haos Cochon New Orleans Fresh Rolls Butter I think the shrimp did have some pork in it (a deeply smoked bacon in the broth), and some scallions to liven it up.House of Haos Cochon New Orleans Gulf Shrimp These sticky, saucy ribs, with minty watermelon relish, had a nice balance of fleshiness, fat, and tenderness.House of Haos Cochon New Orleans Smoked Ribs Head cheese, chunky and unctuous, gelatinous, umami-rific.  The pickles and the mustard helped provide some counterbalance, if you want it.House of Haos Cochon New Orleans Head Cheese House of Haos Cochon New Orleans Hot Sauce Pork cheeks, wine-braised, then breaded and fried.  On grits and with figs.  Interesting contrast to have the tangy, sinewy figs next to the hot medallions of pork that almost melt away under the knife.  In many ways the fig becomes the meat of the dish, with the tiny crunch of seeds, with the cheeks lending their fatty, collagen-laced bass notes.House of Haos Cochon New Orleans Pork Cheeks Polenta Fig Cochon de lait, with cabbage and pork rinds.  Beautiful, curly, crunchy pork rinds.  The pork was wonderfully tender, which I think is the point of a suckling pig (other than its skin).  I was a little porked out at this point, and other than the tenderness of the meat, I didn’t get that much out of this dish.House of Haos Cochon New Orleans Cochon de Lait Cracklins Oven-crisped mac & cheese.House of Haos Cochon New Orleans Mac and Cheese Butterscotch pudding, rich and thick and sweet.  We were struggling to stay afloat on the lardon sea at this point, so this was probably a bit excessive, but I love me some butterscotch pudding.House of Haos Cochon New Orleans Butterscotch Pudding We’re having our welcome dinner during our wedding weekend at Calcasieu, which is the upstairs private dining space to Cochon.  So I’m partial to the food here, its heaviness, its richness of flavor, the intensity of fat, how it seeps into your bones and drags you down into a torpor of gluttonous resignation.  The menu is a hymn to pork, deep worship of all things pig.  What do you not like about pork?  Stop.  Don’t say it.  Or at least, say it out of earshot of both Cochon and myself.House of Haos Cochon New OrleansCochon Restaurant
930 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70130
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