Ever since her last visit to Paris (in 2007), Myra had a craving for a falafel sandwich, so we made a pit stop at l’As du Fallafel in the gentrified neighborhood of Le Marais, the city’s prime destination for simple Jewish food.  The day was drizzly and a bit chilly, and we had a bit of a wait outside, but the line moved quickly.  It was quick-service at its most direct, spartan and hurried, just short of intimidating, but with a smile.House of Haos L'As du Falefel Marais ParisTabletop dish of harissa:House of Haos L'As du Falefel Marais Paris HarissaThe pièce de résistance, fallafel spécial, with pickled cabbage, eggplant, harissa, hummus, cucumbers:House of Haos L'As du Falefel Marais Paris 2House of Haos L'As du Fallafel Le Marais Paris Falaffel Special SandwichAnd an unnecessary plate of fries (the sandwiches were a hot, delicious mess that was more than enough for each of us):House of Haos L'As du Falefel Marais Paris Frites FriesL’As du Fallafel
34 rue des Rosiers
Paris, France 75004