Gough Street in Central (near Sheung Wan MTR station) is a cool stretch of road, at once low-key (skewing slightly to the residential) and studded with popular food and retail shops.  On the west half of the street, past the immensely popular beef brisket house Kau Kee (where the usual line stretches a block or more), is Ms. B’s Cakery, which makes delicious desserts and cakes with funny names.  DSC_0514-001The store itself, despite the flash sign out front, is quite small, with almost wall-to-wall refrigerators showcasing the sweets (but you can’t say the inside space isn’t colorful).DSC_0518DSC_0516-001Bright is a big theme for Ms. B’s, even in the packaging (still elegant and well-designed though).DSC_0541-001One of the bakery’s signature (mini) cakes: Better Than Sex.  Despite its short stature, the design is still irreverently sensual, topped with crunchy caramel and salted toffee against a backdrop of chocolate cake.  A bit rich for me as a stand-alone, but one bite was certainly delicious.DSC_0544Vanilla bean cheesecake (with Queen Anne cherries) was also a nice dalliance with rich, creamy sweetness, not quite as heavy as dark chocolate, and with a burst of tart cherries.DSC_0546-001The simply-named Madame Butterfly belies a really complex combination of sweets squeezed into a small cake – beetroot (red), pistachio (green), and chocolate (…chocolate) layers of chiffon cake with apricot compote.DSC_0547-001My favorite of the four was the banana lust, which features banana in cake form, caramelized form, and also chip form.  This was like glorified banana cream pie in cake form, with the crisp banana chips you pick up with your fingers, a classy opening note before you and your fork get more intimate with the whole thing. IMG_1893Ms. B’s Cakery
39 Gough Street
Central, Hong Kong