A relatively new arrival to Sheung Wan, Rabbithole Coffee is a bright spot in the city’s diverse galaxy of coffee offerings.  Specialty coffee has been tough to find in China, with only a few places dishing out single-origin beans roasted in-house, and while coffee seems to be more conspicuous in Hong Kong, there are a lot of chains, from Pacific to Starbucks to LGB.

Granted, it’s a massive cosmopolitan city, so there must be a network of decent specialty roasters and shops.  Indeed my friend Valerie had taken me somewhere else in Sheung Wan earlier in the year, but I also remembered climbing half a hillside worth of stairs to get there.  It was clear that most of my Hong Kong friends did not share my same addiction.

Luckily, my good friend, Rebecca, led us to Rabbithole, which is inconspicuously nestled in one of Sheung Wan’s narrow buildings above a day spa.  But the space, however narrow, is quite lively, lined with high-end espresso machines and shelves full of siphons and other brewing devices and cups, with a short balcony looking out onto the neighborhood.

The menu is an extensive list of single-origin beans from the places you’d expect (Ethiopia, Kenya, Central America, Indonesia, etc.), coffee brewed a few different ways as well as coffee drinks.  I’ve come to really enjoy a nice cold brew, one for enhanced sweetness and two for the temperature relief, given the summer weather in Asia.

Myra and Rebecca both ordered flat whites, though I forget of what origin.


Separate from its brightness, the space feels like a cross between a rich friend’s kitchen and a science lab, perhaps on the verge of a cooking demonstration just about to happen, which jives just fine with the art and precision of its craft.

Rabbithole Coffee
2/F, 26 Cochrane St.
Central, Hong Kong