Our friend Aimee recently announced in post-dinner-party conversation: “You know that Tsui Wah is like the Denny’s of Asia, right?”


Then, I was like:


(I swear to not overload on gifs, but having revisited the Chappelle Show this weekend, I couldn’t help myself.  So good.  I miss that show.)

Anyway, so that’s where I found myself for lunch on Saturday, the day after Aimee’s “Denny’s” proclamation, soaking up all that restaurant chain goodness.

BBQ combo: chashao pork and roast duck
Roast duck

Oh, and the window dressing:

What’s up, ladies?
Assorted pastries
Mexican custard bun

I’m not sure what about that particular bun that warrants the “Mexican” label, it certainly didn’t involve regional drug cartel violence or nice vacation destinations or even chocolate mole.  Maybe next week we can have a Greek or Spanish custard bun, with absolutely nothing to do with debt crises or youth unemployment or galaktoboureko or marzipan.  But whatever these guys think is Mexican is fine by me, as long as it’s as delicious as that.

Coconut tart

Who says you can’t have dessert first (or at least sooner)?

Beef fried rice with XO sauce
Lobster soup with puff pastry

Tsui Wah
No. 291, Fumin Road
Xuhui District, Shanghai

(1) Cha shao pork buns, Mexican custard buns, and coconut tart, (2) Malaysian beef stew curry with rice, (3) cha shao, crispy pork, roast duck (4) sizzling king prawns with fried noodles, (5) beef fried rice with XO sauce, and (6) tangerine limeade.