In further exploring the Hong Kong dim sum scene, we went to Fook Lam Moon in Wan Chai, where we got a handful of dim sum staples as well as the crispy chicken, one of the restaurant’s specialties.

  Among the dim sum, the steamed pork dumplings with crab roe and char siu pork were excellent, although the steamed spare ribs with black bean sauce (one of my favorite dim sum dishes) could have used more black bean sauce.  But what really made the meal memorable was the crispy chicken.  The two dishes of lemon juice and salt that came alongside the chicken provided a surprisingly delicious combination, especially when combined with the crisp of the chicken skin.  Flavor-wise, the trio of tangy, salty, and savory meshed well, and helped dissipate some of the feeling of oiliness that comes invariably with a dish like crispy chicken.

Fook Lam Moon
35-45 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong