Before heading to Thailand, Mahdi and I stopped by Cuisine Cuisine, a one-Michelin-starred restaurant at the Mira Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.  Within the hotel, it’s a bit hidden away – but the interior was clean, similar to some of the other upscale chating style Cantonese places like Lei Garden and Tim’s Kitchen.  We canvassed the menu and, not being incredibly hungry, selected just a few items, half based on our waiter’s recommendations.  The cold starters, potato salad and seasoned edamame:

Next we had individual bowls of soup – mine was crab meat with minced shrimp balls and black truffle, and Mahdi had the sweet corn broth:

Then, live king prawns sauteed in soy sauce (ahem, premium light soy sauce, sorry), pan-fried cod filet with pomelo honey sauce, and crispy bean curd:

The crispy bean curd was pretty boring, but the prawn was very fresh and the pomelo honey sauce an interesting combination with crispy fish (probably better split among one or two more people, as the sweetness was a bit much after two or three pieces).

The desserts were cleverly executed, although taste-wise nothing supremely innovative.  I had the chilled champagne jelly and mango pudding with pomelo and sago in coconut juice (sounds complicated, and the layering was visually enticing), and Mahdi the double-boiled Hokkaido milk with lychee purée:

The food was tasty, and service was very attentive – but I think the menu was harder to navigate with just two people, especially because neither of us were overwhelmingly hungry or adventurous that night.  Probably not worth the trek to Kowloon just for the restaurant (there’s another one in IFC), but definitely a worthwhile stop if one gets bored of browsing the endless clothing stores and tailor shops in TST.

Cuisine Cuisine
Level 3
The Mira Hong Kong
118-130 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong