A Glimpse of Maguro – Shanghai


I hadn’t been out to Gubei in quite some time, since 2008 perhaps, when my college roommate Arthur still lived out near Hongqiao, and there was a Din Tai Fung and maybe a Bellagio out there.  What better excuse to go back than 250RMB all-you-can-eat (and all-you-can-drink) Japanese?

Maguro (although I still can’t tell if that is its real name, since it doesn’t show up as Maguro on any internet searches) is in a Japanese-friendly multi-story strip mall complex.  After walking in, we had to check our shoes before stepping beyond the waiting area into the restaurant proper, which had a few corridors of screen-door’d side rooms and tables set against the walls and with trench-like seats, such that I had to step over a small wooden plank in order to sit on the far side of the table.

Essentially, the whole menu is fair game (except for the finer sushi and sashimi, namely toro and uni), so that included sushi and sashimi platters, yakitori, udon, sukiyaki, grilled fish, crab legs, clams, a few soup and salad selections, and so forth.  And an almost-endless supply of Asahi and sake.

Sauteed clams

Chilled steamed king crab legs

Grilled salmon head

Tomatoes on the vine, with a little salt.

Maguro (?)
Shui Cheng Lu near Hong Qiao Lu

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